Fingerprint gate control terminal consists of Biometrics Parking Transmitter and Biometrics Parking Receiver
(1). Biometrics Parking Transmitter (referred to as the transmitter / BPT): responsible for fingerprint collection, storage and verification, information encryption, and wireless signal transmission.
(2). Biometrics Parking Receiver (referred to as receiver / BPR): It is a dedicated wireless transmitter and receiver signal decoding equipment. It can receive transmit launch by BPT, output Wiegand signal to the gates of the control linkage.

Key Specifications/Special Features:
-Tiny influence by environment: Stop the car near the gates, do the fingerprint verification in the seat, after validation, signals go through the wireless transmission to parking garage receiver, the gate will open after system authorized. No need to check the windshield off and landing card, and no need to worry about the heat wave ˇ˘heavy rain and strong cold wind, and no need to line up to get the card, absolutely improve the efficiency. After mature application and improvement, the parking garage can achieve no duty to further reduce management costs.
-People-in-one car: the dermal fingerprint detection as parking garage terminal, depend on high technology to ensure that the driver is legitimate car user .
- Burglarproof: fingerprint biometric feature is " Person's fingerprint are uniquely, and carried by himself". No need to worry about left card or the unauthorized user. Compared with the first generation of optical and inductive or other skin collection, the second generation of dermal fingerprint detection is a greater extent to improve the safety performance, completely prevent false fingers.
- Effective retroactively: fingerprint verification technology ensures people-in-one car, effective retroactively to make up the leak of residential area management.
- T he same land agent residential areas can be compatible: fingerprint parking garage in a different residential areas, the user only need to put his fingerprint on records in his own residential areas, then it can be networked to parking.